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One Call Plumbing was spending $2,500 in AdWords clicks and wasn’t getting the results they needed to keep the business going. Using the same $2,500 budget, we were able to tweak Google Ads to target the right people using a lower cost per click and started working on a proactive local Plumber SEO campaign. In only 10 weeks, the owner said there was a noticeable difference in phone calls and got his business turned around. By 12 months, we were able to 5X One Call Plumbing’s revenue and get their phone ringing off the hook with the right people needing their services.


The Challenge

The best marketing for plumbers is to show up first when a customer is searching online. One Call Plumbing was spending lots of money on search engine ad clicks without seeing a return on investment. The truth is anyone can throw up an ad and start spending money immediately, but few businesses truly understand what it takes to get an ROI from a Google Ads campaign. They were targeting their audience incorrectly, showing up for the wrong keywords and spending money on random clicks like when people would research words or people looking for directions to other businesses.

During that time they were spending money in Google Ads without getting their ad in front of actual customers, their organic listing was on page 3 of Google and their local map listing was nowhere to be found. In other words, they were impossible to find when customers were looking for a plumber fast. 

Plumber Case Study

“Before Plumber Marketing Firm, we saw the Google Ads bill taking our money, but didn't have the leads to show for it.”

The Solution

The first step was to switch off the ads that weren’t performing and optimize new ads that were hyper-targeted to reach the right people.  Plumber Marketing Firm tweaked the ads and performed split testing to see which ad copy performed the best. We don’t let our opinions get in the way, we split test and split test until you have ads performing 4x as good as the old one. We then start working on the organic search engine placement and the Google My Business local listing. There are basic settings in a GMB listing that could send you straight to the top. We’ve seen it happen from a simple checkbox being unchecked. With Google, knowledge is power.

We then work on the conversion rate of the website. These conversion optimization actions lead to an increase in the number of leads over the next 12 months to 5X the company’s revenue. They are now getting 5X leads per month! They had to move into a bigger location and hire more staff to handle the business! Conversion rate optimization prepared the site to capture the most leads possible as the traffic continued to increase.

We also optimized a YouTube video to show on page 1 of Google in a week. There is a simple tested strategy that can rank local videos quickly and get you in front of your target audience quickly. Could you imagine if you had a video showing on page 1 of Google when someone typed “emergency plumber [your-city] [your-state]” and you were there in front of those people searching telling them about how you are an emergency plumber in their area and to call your number for instant help? Do you think your leads would increase? Absolutely.

We then added all of the services to the website and optimized them for high Google rankings. We had our copywriters go through and make sure all of the service pages were added on the site so when someone typed “hot water heater repair [city] [state]” One Call Plumbing was among the top choices. Being visible to people that need your services is the key. And we have the knowledge to unlock the traffic.

Figure 1.1

An overview of real data for One Call Plumbing and the results of good digital marketing.

“The tweaks made to our site lead to an increase in the number of leads over a 12 month period to 5X our company's revenue. We are now getting 5X the amount of leads per month!” - Preston

The Result

One Call Plumbing climbed from the bottom of the 3rd page of Google to the top of Google at the #1 spot in only 7 months. They also claimed the #1 spot in the local map listings which were ranking at the top of the search engine for the most searched term in the area “Plumbers Spartanburg SC”.  We helped make them the #1 choice for plumbing in Spartanburg and now their phone is ringing off the hook. 

As we all know ranking in Google takes time but when done correctly the timeline is almost always the same. NO ONE can overcome the length of time it takes to rank. Google says in its patent that it takes 20-70 days to award the power of 1 link making it a long game and not a sprint. These are real results from real businesses and we would like to do the same for you.

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Organic Search Placement

Traffic increased from about 2 visitors per day to about 24 visitors per day. That’s 12X the traffic!


One Call Plumbing started with one guy and a truck in a shed behind his house. Preston started branding and working on his online presence and digital marketing to build the authority, trust, and relevancy of the site. We helped them build their online profile to increase their credibility and legitimize their brand online in the eyes of Google. We helped make their website the best result for Google to show to its users. The end result was 5X their revenue in 12 months! One Call Plumbing started in a shed and is now covered up with business. Where are you starting? Are you ready for the next level in your business? We can help get you there.

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“They were able to 5X our revenue in 12 months!” - Preston